DAGEOP provides high end professional Consultancy, Learning and Supporting solutions for both on-premises & cloud. Principal Consultant Dr.SubraMANI Paramasivam, has about 17+ years of IT experience and worked towards providing solutions for various industries, mainly with Database & Business Intelligence. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer & IT Professional in Database Development, Administration and Business Intelligence. As part of DAGEOP services, it is targeted towards any industry, who seeks help with Consultancy, Learning, Support in databases, datawarehousing, business intelligence using Microsoft SQL Server & SAP Business Objects in cloud & on-prem.

DAGEOP provides Consultancy services, on-site and off-site with flexible options. Please click here to request your quote.

DAGEOP provides free MTA learning for selected education industries. Free Data Awareness is also another FREE learning scheduled to run once per month. There are also online video Learning and premium SQL Learning for MCSA, MCSE & Customized training to suit any business. You can book the courses online here. On-site corporate Learning can also be arranged here.

Azure Solutions:
Cloud based solutions provided for Infrastructure, Applications, Databases, Storage, Virtual & Hybrid Networking and many other Azure products. 

Any company have their own databases, IT team, BI Team to maintain the server infrastructure & databases and data warehousing. With DAGEOP support, there are plenty of packages that can best suit your company requirements. Pleas click here to choose any of the suitable packages for a very low cost. Please feel free to contact DAGEOP for any further queries.